Emily Blunt Turns Down role of Peggy Carter in CAPTAIN AMERICA


Marvel Entertainment and director Joe Johnston are currently in the middle casting all the other characters in their upcoming Captain America film. Chris Evans has taken on the role of Captain America himself and Sebastian Stan has been officially cast as his side-kick Bucky.

We reported last week that Emily Blunt was offered the role of Peggy Carter in the film. Carter is the girlfriend of Steve Rogers, and a freedom fighter with the French Resistance who fights next to Captain America during World War II. It’s now being reported that Blunt has turned down Marvels offer. This is no surprise because we knew that she was already very close to signing on to another film project, and she had to make a choice. Well she did, and it wasn’t with Marvel.

So who could possible take on the role of Peggy Carter now? It was leaked online not too long ago that Keira Knightley (every period film ever made) and Alice Eve (She's out of My League) were also in the running for the role. I guess the question is, will they offer the role to one of them or will they go back out on the hunt for another actress? All I know is I don’t want to see Knightley in the movie. 

Who would you like to see cast in the role of Peggy Carter?

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