San Diego Convention Center Planning $753 Million Expansion to Keep Comic-Con

Rantby Joey Paur

Come on San Diego! We're rooting for ya! In 2012 San Deigo's contract with Comic-Con International expires and right now Anaheim CA is trying to lure them into their city. They make a pretty good case, they show that they have the ability to handle more more people than San Diego can, but San Diego has been home to the geek convention from the very beginning, thats where its roots are, and moving the convention out of San Diego just seems wrong. 

I will say that San Diego Comic-Con has become a mad house. It's insane, and I agree that the con needs more room. It's very annoying walking the floor packed full of sweaty stinky people from wall to wall. It looks like San Diego is implementing a solution to keep Comic-Con where it belongs. 

The are planing a $753 million dollar expansion of the San Diego Convention Center. This expansion will add an additional 200,000 square feet of exhibit space and a third Ballroom. Then there will be 100,000 square feet of meeting rooms, and on top of that a brand new 500 room hotel right behind the convention center. This brings us a grand total of 815,000 more square feet making the San Diego convention center the same size as Anaheim's. 

According to Sign on San Deigo, if the deal is approved it would essentially start what center officials say is an 18- to 24-month process in which they’ll seek public comment and opinion, study the expansion’s effect on the environment, design the building and, most important, figure out how to pay for it.

This expansion plan has been trying to move forward for ten years now, but now with the threat of Comic-Con leaving it looks like they are finally going to move forward with it. The Port Commission is expected to  approve the deal on Tuesday, and they expect the new convention center to be open for business in 2015. The San Diego Convention Center Corp. is trying to extend the agreement an additional three years. They are also securing commitments from three waterfront hotels to provide 300,000 square feet of meeting space for the con from 2013 to 2015. There’s also an effort by the city of San Diego to increase the number of convention hotel rooms from 7,000 to 14,000, which would be freakin great! 

It's great to see that San Diego is doing everything they can to keep Comic-Con in the city where it belongs. Lets just hope that the people in charge of San Diego International will go for it. I don't see why they wouldn't keep it in San Diego at this point. San Diego has shown it's commitment to Comic-Con all these years, to the point where they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it at home.

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