Another 1980’s Time Travel Comedy is Coming our Way - TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN

MovieComedyby Joey Paur

Role Models director David Wain is currently looking to direct a new fantasy 1980's-time-travel-comedy called Too Cool to Be Forgotten.

The film is based on a graphic novel by Alex Robinson, and heres a description of the story.

It's about second chances. Andy Wicks is a forty-something father of two who's tried everything to quit smoking -- from going cold turkey, to the latest patches and nicotine chewing gums -- so he figures he'll give this hypnosis thing a try. What's the worst that could happen? Unfortunately, Andy gets dealt a fate worse than death: high school! Transported back to 1985, Andy returns to his formative years as a gangly, awkward teenager. Is he doomed to relive the mistakes of his past, or has he been given a second chance to get things right? One thing's for sure -- this time he's going to ask out that girl from math class...

It sounds like it has similarities to the most recent time travel film to hit theaters, Hot Tub Time Machine. There’s no information on who will star in the film but there’s been talk of using a Michael Cera-type and aging him up, or using an older Vince Vaughn-type and putting him in 1985 teenager clothes. Sounds like a job for Paul Rudd? Wain’s worked with him several times over the years including the film Wet Hot American Summer. We’ll eventually find out who will be cast.

I just hope Hollywood doesn’t make a habit of developing these 1980’s time travel comedies. They could get old real fast. 

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