David R. Ellis to direct SHARK NIGHT 3D


Are you ready for the “Jaws of the 3D generation”? Because the production company spending $28 million dollars on a new 3D shark film sure hopes you are. Why in the hell do studio executives compare these kinds of films to Jaws? Just because there is a shark in it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be as good as Jaws.

Snakes on a Plane and The Final Destination director David R. Ellis has committed himself to direct Shark Night 3D. Like Snakes on a Plane, Shark Knight 3D is most likely going to be an extremely over the top B style action movie, made in 3D. With big sharks jumping out at you, and bloody body parts floating in front of your face. This is the perfect project for Ellis.

The screenplay was written by Jesse Studenberg and Will Hayes, and the film’s animatronic sharks will be created by Walt Conti, this is the same guy who worked on some pretty cheesy films, such as the sharks in Deep Blue Sea, the giant snake in Anaconda and the whales in Free Willy.

If you liked Ellis’ other films then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Shark Night 3D. The good thing is you know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you see this film. I’m sure it will be a fun popcorn flick watch. The movie will probably be a huge hit and make a ton of freakin money. 

Wouldn't it be great if the film was about two sharks out on a date in the city. As they are walking around enjoying themselves they stroll down a dark ally where the sharks are mugged and the female shark is shot and killed. The male shark goes on a killing frenzy to get revenge for the death of his shark girlfriend, this set in motion a chain of event's that takes him down a road of conspiracy, espionage and essentially running for his life.

Are you excited for Shark Night 3D?

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