GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 67 : Waking Sleeping Titans

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They came. They saw... they ranted. Things get heated as the GeekTyrant crew go from 0 to 60 in no seconds when ripping apart Clash of The Titans. Though it raked in the peeps this holiday weekend, it didn't fare well with the this week's panel, which consists of Venkman, Mazer, Abe Froman and Bob Neek.

You can chalk it up to marshmallow or jelly bean hangovers, but the gang pulls no punches, and gets into all sorts of spoiler territory. So be warned, if you're unfamiliar with Greek mythology, or don't want to know how drastically they deviate from it (ruin it.) Quite frankly, this podcast is a cautionary tale... don't go see it.

However, they do discuss a MUST SEE film, the Disney documentary, or at least the documentary about Disney, Waking Sleeping Beauty. As promised from last week, Venkman and Abe review the movie, and the rest of the gang joins in on some of the little known Disney trivia.

Here's how the ranting unfolded:

Box-Office Numbers :

How to Train Your Dragon beats out Last Song - 00:01:01

Movie Reviews :

Clash of The Titans - 00:03:38
Waking Sleeping Beauty - 00:31:44

Closing - 00:45:40


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