Alice Eve is the Front Runner for Peggy Carter in CAPTAIN AMERICA

Hey Gang! It looks like Marvel Entertainment and director Joe Johnston may have found their Peggy Carter for The First Avenger: Captain America. According to a source from E-Online, British actress Alice Eve (She's Out of Your League) is the front runner for the role that Emily Blunt turned down. 

After Blunt took herself out of the running, it left either Keira Knightley or Alice Eve who were both up for the role as well. Out of the two Eve is definitely the better choice, she's much better looking. So Knightley is out, but there's another actress that is also being looked at, another british actress named Hayley Atwell. Both Eve and Atwell are screen-testing for the second time for the role tomorrow in London.

Peggy Carter is the girlfriend of Steve Rogers, and a freedom fighter with the French Resistance who fights next to Captain America during World War II. No deal is in place, but from the sound of it it seems like Marvel is leaning toward Eve. 

What are your thoughts on Alice Eve possibly taking the role of Peggy Carter?