More IRON MAN 2 Viral - AccuTech with a Familiar Logo and a Letter from Tony Stark

The Iron Man 2 viral marketing is gaining some speed and there's a lot of stuff being released that is worth checking out. You'll never know what you'll find if you look hard enough. 

First of all, a new website was launched for AccuTech a research and development company, which is also a subsidiary of Stark Industries. AccuTech is working on a breakthrough in anthropo-robotics, and the new HazTech robotic exoskeleton, set to premiere at Stark Expo 2010.

Here is some information on this new exoskeleton:

Using revolutionary hyper-sensors and nano-hydraulic technology, the exoskeleton is able to detect and amplify body movement. Covering over 80% of the human body, it also protects its wearer from high impact and extreme temperatures.

Now check out the logo for AccuTech and tell me that doesn't look familiar. Bleeding Cool points out that the slope of the “A” resembles the Avengers logo that we've seen in the comic books. I guess it's possible that Accutech is going to  provide the tech, funding and organization for the Avengers, in the process adopting a very similar logo.

Here's the logo from The Avengers comic.

Marvel has also recently released an official letter from Tony Stark announcing the return of Stark Expo 2010.

So what do you all think about the Iron Man 2 viral marketing? Is this something your into, or do you just wish you could see the movie already?

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