Must Watch Short Sci-fi Film from Director Erik Rinsch THE GIFT

At one point commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch was attached to direct the prequel to the classic fim Alien, which Ridley Scott is attached to direct now. Rinsch is Scott's protege and he's a very talented director that works for Scott's commercial company RSA. 

This guy has a fantastic imagination who has yet to make his feature film directorial debut. The guy has made some pretty amazing commercials but this short film that he made for Philip's is pretty freakin incredble, and I would love to see what this guy can do with a full-length feature film. He is currently developing a remake of Creature From the Black Lagoon and is in pre-production on a samurai film with Keanu Reeves called 47 Ronin.

The sci-fi short film he made is called The Girt, and it follows a man who is delivering some kind of box, something goes wrong and a robotic manservant ends up on the run from police. 

Watch the short film below and tell us what ya think!


The Gift

A film by Carl Erik Rinsch

Part of the Parallel Lines project from Philips Cinema and Ridley Scott Associates.
Five short films. Five genres. Five of RSA's hottest directors. One unifying piece of dialogue.
Were pushing the boundaries of cinematic viewing, giving you the chance to experience the spectacular Ambilight, picture and sound capabilities of Philips TVs for yourself.
There are millions of ways to tell a story.
There's only one way to watch one. 

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