This Week in Comics, 04.08.2010

Welcome Geek Tyrants to a late edition of This Week in Comics. Usually, if you follow us here at GT, my column comes out every Wednesday. I get up early, have a big bowl of Cookie Crisp, watch some soap operas, and then head out to knock on the doors of some of the biggest comic book offices in America.

However, yesterday I took a five-day weekend to attend my First Annual "This Week in Comics" Panel at WonderCon 2010. Safe it to say, I was three days late for WonderCon and now I'm stuck on a trolley in San Francisco that hasn't gone anywhere in 40 minutes.

So I hope you enjoyed the panel nonetheless, even if your boy Trehern wasn't in attendance. To make it up to you, here's this week's news!

-- I recently read an X-Men graphic novel (X-Men: The Asgardian Wars) that introduced me to the New Mutants team. The action was really sweet and the characters were ridiculous and intriguing. However, that series came out in 1988, so it has no real relevance to the story that artist Leonard Kirk has joined the new 2010 New Mutants series. Whatever, sue me for being out of the loop. [Leonard Kirk Joins the New Mutants]

-- I've just recently bought the first issue of Kevin Smith's Green Hornet. It is pretty unbelievable, although I'm put off by the overlapping time eras. Indiana Jones AND 1940s crimelords?? REJECT! In Green Hornet #3, however, someone will die. I'm hoping it's the person who allowed the 20th Century to bleed into itself. [Someone will die in Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #3]

-- Guess who was at WonderCon and tried to sneak into my hotel room to steal shampoo? Yeah, it was Geoff Johns. He had his own personal panel to tell the public all about The Flash, Batman: Ear
th One and his views on universal health-care. Here's the rundown:

On Batman: Year One: "Our Alfred is a little more gruff and grumble, and you'll see why...He never intended to be a butler, he hates wearing suits and he has a big attitude problem." (**Sam Elliot busts down door**)

On Green Lantern:
"I have a lot of stories still to tell with 'Green Lantern' and all these characters, and I love it. It's my favorite mythology in comics, so I thought I'd stick around,"

On finances: "I'm completely ripped and I have 7 bank accounts. F*ck the guy who messes with me!"

On Brightest Day:
"[it] is a story, it's not a banner. There's actually a purpose to all the books that have a 'Brightest Day' banner on it - it's not just a big theme."

On Trehern: "I've never read a better column in the history of me using the Internet. I tried to cast Alan as GL until he realized he'd already had sex with Blake Lively."

[WC10: Geoff Johns]

-- News of a new Force Unleashed comic book was revealed at WonderCon this weekend, and it's suppose to link the original video game and its sequel. Blair Butler was live on the scene while the fanboys wearing Stormtrooper armor tried to hide their boners. I once went on a date with Blair Butler and we ended up drunk outside a Shoney's buffet. If you've never had 4 AM Fruit Loops drunk at a Shoney's, then you sir, have never lived the life. [Dark Horse Star Wars Exclusives from WonderCon 2010]

-- Remember that DCU: Legacies title I mentioned a few weeks back? Well, DC's The Source has released some of the artists and writers attached to help create this "era-spanning" title. Better yet, why don't I just tell you the only name you need to worry about: Dan MF Jurgens. You think I'm being sarcastic, but I kid you not, I think he is the greatest writer/creator/artist that I've ever met. Dan, if you're reading this, please stop and give TWIC a thumbs up so I can call my life complete. [Some more info on DCU: LEGACIES]



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