Favreau Talks about IRON MAN 2 and how its Many Villains Wont Ruin the Story

The downfall of most superhero comicbook films is when the studio feels they need to jam pack the story with multiple villains. We’ve seen this ruin many movies over the years time and time again. Just look at Spider-Man 3 and Joel Schmacher’s Batman films. Even the upcoming Iron Man 2 film has several villains in the story which includes shady characters such as Whiplash (Mickey Rourke), Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). So is there a chance this multi-villain syndrome could possibly ruin Iron Man 2? From everything we’ve seen in the trailers it looks freakin’ incredible! But who knows how the full story will play out.

In an interview with LA Times director Jon Favreau explains to us why Iron Man 2’s several villains won’t ruin the story, and the little equation he came up with to make sure that didn’t happen.

You want to be sure you don't suffer from multi-villainitis. That's been the downfall of many other superhero franchises. I was more concerned about the interpersonal dynamic and how the presence of Natasha [a.k.a. the Black Widow, played by Johansson] would affect Tony and Pepper, because what I didn't want to do is make this film episodic, like just another episode of a TV series. So one way to approach that is shift the dynamic with the introduction of new characters. So you have Justin Hammer[Rockwell] inserted into the Tony-Rhodey relationship, and you have Natasha Romanoff inserted into the Tony-Pepper relationship. When done right, a superhero movie has the character's personal life mirroring what's happening in their superhero world, and sometimes you have to force things to do it. In this case, I'd say, we found an organic way to do it. We wanted both A-story and B-story to be affected by these new characters.

Well, it sounds like the guy knows what he’s doing. I was never really worried about this sequel in the first place, but there’s always that chance that something could break and go wrong. In the end, I don’t think Marvel and Favreau are going to let the fans down on this one.

Iron Man 2 opens up in less than a month!

What do you think about his concept of dealing with multiple villains in the film?

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