First look into STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC combat!

TrailerGameTyrantby Mars


Hey everyone! I am very excited to be able to supply you all with a first in depth look at the combat in the new Bioware MMO Star wars: The Old Republic. I know I have not really spoken too much of my gaming history but it's a long one! I have been a gamer for quite a bit of time now. I played EverQuest, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, City of Villians, Tabula Rasa, Champions Online and World of Warcraft. These are just the MMO's I have played. Those of you that have read my game articles every week know that I play X360 games as well and those of you that don't read it should! Anywho, I think this Star Wars MMO is going to me AMAZING.

Right now this game is in internal alpha testing. People can sign up for Beta but it's not ready. You can kinda tell it's not ready because the graphics in this video as far as characters go seem like place holders but the fighting and weapons look super cool. I am on their mailing list so any more information I get I would be glad to share it with the GT community.


Have a great night people!

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