KANE & LYNCH Movie Poster is Released

Nu Image has released the first movie poster for the upcoming video game adapted film Kane & Lynch which stars Bruce Willis and Jamie Fox. The two actors don't really make an appearance on the poster but there characters do, in slick stylized poster featuring two badass silhouettes. 

Kane is a mercenary. Lynch is a schizophrenic with no past. They meet while being transported to Death Row. When they are attacked and kidnapped by Kane's former team, the ill-matched duo is forced to retrieve a stolen microchip that may hold the key to Lynchs true identity. Based on the best selling Video Game. 

The film is being directed by Simon Crane and will begin shooting in August. I think Willis and Foxx will work well together is this movie. I enjoyed playing the video game and I hope the movie will be just as fun. But it's a video game adaptation... it will most likely be a weak adaptation. All we can hope for is a fun action-packed movie.

What do ya think of the poster!?


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