New JUDGE DREDD Film Gets Financing and a Director

We've been hearing about the possibility of a new Judge Dredd film for awhile now, and now its taken a couple steps closer to actually being made. The 3D Judge Dread film will be produced DNA Films, and will have a budget of around $50 million dollars. It has also been revealed that Pete Travis (Vantage Point) will be directing the film. The film is not going to have a studio financing deal, it's being funded by an Indian outfit Reliance Big Entertainment, which will give the filmmakers more creative control. My big problem is... I hated Vantage Point, so I'm definitely not sold on Travis as being a good choice for the director of the movie. 

I think Judge Dredd could use a good gritty remake. There is a lot of potential to actually turn this comic book series into a decent movie. Andrew Macdonald will produce the film along with Danny Boyle and he plans on going back to the basics. The film will tell the origin story of the classic comic book character created by John Wagner and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra. The story is set in a futuristic world filled with violence, and the Dredd is empowered to act as judge, jury and executioner. "I am the law!"

The script is being written by Alex Garland, which is the strongest part of this film reboot. He wrote some great films that include, Danny Boyle's Sunshine and 28 Days Later. He also wrote the script for a movie version of the Microsoft game Halo that was shut down by Universal. 

I want to see a great Judge Dredd film! I want this to be awesome! But, to be honest, I'm affriad it will end up being a let down. I guess as long as it's better than the 1995 Sylvester Stallone version, which doesn't seem like it would be hard to do, then it should be okay... right? I just want to see the story told at its full potential.

What are you hoping to see in a new Judge Dredd movie, and do you think you'll get it with the people involved with developing it?

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