Happy Madison to Bring Patrick Jean's PIXELS short to the Big Screen

Remember that awesome short film called PIXELS we showed you not too long ago? The film was created by Patrick Jean, and it shows New York City being attacked by an epic army of early arcade game characters, including Pac-Man and Space Invaders who drop there little bombs down on the city destroying everything in a glory of Pixels. 

The short film apparently was so awesome that Columbia Pictures and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions are in early talks about developing the short into a full-length 3D feature film of greatness. Happy Madison has already bought the rights to the short film. They are based on the Columbia Pictures studio lot so they get first dibs. There is no done deal yet, but I'm sure something will happen. I loved the short film, and I think a feature length movie would be fun to see brought to life. 

If you haven't seen Pixels yet check out the video below and let us know what ya think! Will it make for a fun movie?

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