Romero Has Two More "DEAD" Films Planned and More!

Legendary director George A. Romero spoke up at the  Hollyweird premiere of his Survival of the Dead party the other night about wanting to do two more films if Survival does well enough. He shared some really cool info regarding his two more planned Dead movies plus a few projects he would like to do outside the zombieverse (is that a word?), sounded good didn't it!

Check this out thanks to Dread Central;

If Survival does well, then my plan for the series is to make two more Dead movies to finish out the story we started with Diary, After all these years, I still really love filmmaking. If we get the go-ahead, then I would like to take minor characters from Diary that go off on their own adventures for the next two. Then I would finally have this small set of films that are connected, and that’s something I’ve never been able to do before."

He then speaks of the other projects saying;

Peter and I are working on two other film projects right now, including a horror film that is not about zombies, and another small, personal film I’d like to make myself that is not horror at all. With all this freedom we’ve gained since Diary, I sort of feel like I have a steady job for the first time in my career, which is pretty funny when you really think about it.

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So what do y'all think? Want more Dead stories continuing on from his characters from 'Diary'? This sounds kind of cool to me, he has a plan with all of this and I want to see it play out! Now that he has full control of his zombies and his stories I want to see it concluded, how "HE" wants to do it!

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