This Week in Comics, 05.26.2009

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern

Greeting, GeekTyrants. I'm on vacation somewhere in the ultraverse, and although I've been diligent in my weekly writings, I thought I'd half-ass it today by posting a greatest TWIC hit from years ago. Let's go all the way back to 2009, when Blackest Night was just starting and I had just returned from another epic leave of absence. REMEMBER, this is not current news, but news from A YEAR AGO... As you were.

Welcome TWIC readers. Now that I'm back from the depths of the multiverse, I'll be reporting on comic book news and features indefinitely. So let's start it up!

-- Previously reported was that Bill Willingham will be taking the reins of JSA from Geoff Johns' hands on #29. I literally cannot wait because I love the JSA. However, since #22, it has sucked hard. Black Adam came onto the scene with some dead wife of his and brought in a storyline from 52, which is way played. But whatever, better to burn out then fade away I guess. I just hope Johns isn't fired because of it. (Spoiler: He banks like a Humperdink.) [The Source]

-- Holy sh*t, I couldn't believe it myself, but someone actually had the tenacity to OK a Leprechaun comic book. Yes, the same. The terrible movie with Jen "Gonzo the Great" Aniston with it's multiple sequels has enough fan-following to have someone employed to write stories about it. Coincidentally, also hitting the shelves next week are 5 titles featuring the Wayans brothers and the further adventures of Epic Movie. **Places pin in Marlon Wayans voo-doo doll** [CBR]

-- Surprisingly, this news bullet serves as a yin to the previous news' sh*tty yang. William Shatner's Tek War book series now has an on-going comic book series, and you can get a preview of it at Comic Book Resources. If the Tek War series is anything like the Shatnerverse series of books, it'll make you hard but then blue ball you with the second trilogy. Sorry, Bill. [CBR]

-- Comic Book Legends Revealed rolls off some X-Men trivia from the early 90s when that stuff was good. Which reminds me, whatever happened to Wolverine's trademark yellow suit with blue boots? I mean is that not cool enough for the kiddies today? Jeans and a wife-beater does it for them? But I digress. Exciting news though, Old Man Logan (Wolverine #66-72) concludes this week, so if you want to know what happens to Wolverine when he starts to lose his mutant powers and every other Marvel hero is dead, check this out! [CBR and "Old Man Logan"]

-- Wait, what? Spider Man has a newspaper comic? I thought those things went out with the Truman administration.'s fun to joke around with. Anyway, fans without jobs wrote in and managed to change the "Brand New Day"-esque status quo that occurred at the beginning of the year. In other news, I ran out of hand soap today. Yep...bout the same amount of excitement. [Robot 6]

-- Alright, so the deal with this article is that it combines the idea of reboots (utter leprosy to me) and the Green Lantern franchise (which I would take a bullet for). We (by that I mean me) think reboots today are bad, what with Star Trek and Terminator and Transformers and Transforminators [1] etc. etc., but back in the early days of comics, reboots were all the rage. Whether is was from Alan to Hal, or Hal to John, back to Hal, and then to Kyle, the world of GL faces radical changes all the time. Please enjoy this article...or perish. [CBR]

-- This may be pretty cool, if you love the new age of X-Men. is now offering almost all the episodes of X-Men: Evolution, with alot of other Marvel Media (TM) (I think I made that up...I'll have to check on that...I'll trademark it anyway.) If any of my friends from FSU read this blog, Viddy plug this into your TV and nerd it up. [Marvel News]

-- Finally, let us conclude with a chance for you, the readers, to let your voice be heard. Dan DiDio is now taking questions from the corporate slave known as Newsarama. Just write in a question like "Will the Earth-2 Aquaman be returning from his multiversal grave?" or "Will Bruce Wayne be forever locked in time with Anthro, The First Man?" or "When will Booster Gold get his own feature film?" Yeah...have fun with that.

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