Disney Sells THE POWER RANGERS Back To Haim Saban

Disney has owned the mega-popular Power Rangers franchise since 2001 and now the former owner Haim Saban has finally gotten his rights back. The Power Rangers was originally adapted from a Japanese tv show and brought to the American audience by Saban and became the worldwide monster it is today, especially with the merchandise!

Disney purchased the Power Rangers from Saban for and estimated $5.2 billion and nothing has been disclosed on the amount Disney has sold it back to him for but I'm sure it was for a megazord sized-profit.

Saban has already established a huge deal with Nickelodeon and Nicktoons to develop new episodes and begin rerunning older episodes.


So who likes this? I grew up watching the Power Rangers, I'll admite it and it is still a guilty pleasure. I have no shame, I know and neither do you, I know you watch them too!

Source: InsideTheMagic

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