Kurt Russell Is UNDYING!

Wait now! I said "Undying"! This new project formerly titled as "Reaper" will star Kurt Russell  and is being produced by Media 8 Entertainment and Circle of Confusion. Filming is scheduled to begin this Fall. Sounds like a straight to DVD title but we'll see once filming begins, I'll be able to tell better.

Media 8 Entertainment President Stewart Hall said;

Kurt Russell is perfect for this role. He is truly one of the few actors who audiences continually embrace as a real hero.

Short Synopsis:

Virgil (Russell), is a private investigator who finds himself recruited by the darkly beautiful and mysterious Delia. As he begins to work for Delia, he finds himself suddenly immersed in a surreal underworld, one where the boundaries of life and death 'as well as right and wrong' are completely blurred. This unlikely journey also reveals the harrowing answers to the fate of Virgil's own daughter.

No author bio. End of line.

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