Check out all the Feature Film Animation Directors that went to Cal-Arts

For those of you who are interested in getting into feature animation then it looks like Cal-Art is the school you want to go to. Well, at least in 1976. It was during that time where some of the great animation film director of our day went to school, most of them have since become incredibly successful. 

Here is a photo of the 1976 Cal Arts Character Animation Class from the famous room A-113. In the picture you have. Back Row: Joe Lanzisero, Darrell Van Citters, Brett Thompson, John Lasseter, Leslie Margolin, Mike Cedeno, Paul Nowak, Nancy Beiman; Middle: Jerry Rees, Bruce Morris, Elmer Plummer, Brad Bird, Doug Lefler; Front: Harry Sabin, and John Musker.

So what have these animators currently up too? There is a memo that has been making the rounds on the animation message boards. This memo shows you just how many people in the feature animation industry went to Cal-Arts and what they have done in their career. It's no secret that the animation feature film business is loaded with Cal-Arts Alumni but to see it all on paper like this gives it a whole new perspective. Check it out below.



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