Final Destination creator to Remake Japanese Film RINJIN 13

Movieby Joey Paur

Yes, Hollywood is still taking great Japanese films and Americanizing them. It's a trend that I fear will never end. It's just that the Japanese come up with some of the best and craziest movie ideas. I guess had not this movie been remade a whole group of people out there may have never known about the original. The creator and director of the film Final Destination, James Wong, is set to write and direct the film, The Neighbor Number 13. This is a remake of Yasuuo Inoue's movie Rinjin 13-go

The film tells the story of a young boy miscast in his classroom, being frequently abused, tortured, beaten and humiliated by a bully and his gang of juvenile punks. After years of repression, rejection and fear without facing the bully, the boy develops a psychopathic dual personality with a violent alter-ego. While living in the apartment 13 of a tenement building, he becomes unable to control his violent dark personality, who plots an evil revenge against his upper floor neighbor who is the bully and his family.

If you haven't seen the original film yet I suggest you give it a go, it's a very dark and interesting story that also has its own manga comic. The production company being hind the remake is Distant Horizon, and they hope the film will have the same commercial success that Final Destination did.

James Wong said of the remake,

I was seized by the concept after one viewing of Yasuo Inoue's movie, and it hasn't left me for a moment since. I think we have found a very unique way to frame the story and bring a heroic twist to it that is fresh and surprising and will take audiences on a very thrilling journey.

The film is set to go into production later this year and is slated for a release in the fall 2011. 

Here is the trailer for the original movie.

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