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I do this thing where I purposefully go into a movie without reading any reviews on it.  BUT unfortunately right before I went into the movie, someone who wasn't even going to watch the movie sneered, "Well, I heard it sucked, so tell me what you think."     SIGH!  Friends don't let friends give a random comment about a movie WITHOUT WATCHING A MOVIE.....  or drive drunk.

Moving on to the film:  I was disappointed, and I promise I didn't let my friend's opinion sway me.  I promise. Honestly, the trailers sort of marked the movie's doom with it's of choice of background music, but again, something like the trailer shouldn't REALLY determine if the movie will be good or not, I mean, look at Gentlemen Broncos.  The trailer looked HILARIOUS!  but the film fell way short.... again, going off in a tangent here.  

FILM! OK, this may contain spoilers so if you don't want anything ruined for you, go back to reading the reviews for Iron Man 2.  But really, who doesn't know the story of Robin Hood, so please read on. Russell Crowe plays Robin Longstride, an archer who served under King Richard the Lionhearted.  Russell Crowe's acting was over the top, and I know he can be over the top anyways, but I mean it was ridiculous.  I just chuckled to myself every time he did this face:

or this face:


I mean otherwise, when he wasn't yelling, he was ok.  Cate Blanchett was really good as Marion Loxley, but wasn't expecting anything less from her cause she's amazing in all she does.  Marion is the the love interest of Robin Longstride who becomes Robin Loxley.  It's a long, tangled story and don't want to get into it because really, its probably one of the few good things about the movie, and I don't want to ruin it for all.  

The villains were nothing to really get all roused up about, unfortunately, and when I watch a film, I genuinely want to hate the villains.  It was all a big political mess for the most of it, and yes!  I know that alot of the Robin Hood story is based on the politics of the land, and blah blah, but when I think of Robin Hood, I think of him and his band of Merry Men, and all the mischief and mayhem they cause.  They barely skimmed on that.

The film was mostly all the politics of the land at the time, and the film's writers purposely set the film up for a second, maybe a third installment..... can I just say something here?  Just a little tangent, cause I know we were talking about the villains, or something, but I just don't like when a film is set up for a part two UNLESS you know part one is gonna be a HUGE success (like Iron Man, Star Wars, Sex and the City ;) ) because then you'll end up with a disaster of a part one with no view in sight of a part two (Lemony Snickets).  

Back to the villains, King John (Oscar Isaac) was ok as the cowardly predecessor to King Richard, you know, he whined and bitched like he was supposed to and slept with one woman, but he just didn't do it for me.  I think this guy did a better job than he did portraying that character:

AND WHY THE HELL was the Sheriff of Nottingham, Matthew Macfadyen, Robin's arch nemesis, in the movie for a total of 2 minutes?!  And he was just a pushover coward when he was on screen.  I'll tell you why... they were saving him for part two.   It boils the blood, I tell you.  

So yeah, the movie was a yawn for the most part.  Although, the fight scenes, were pretty sweet.  Like Dr. Venkman said ( I saw him leaving the movie as I was going in to see it with Johnny Whiteshoes and others), there needed to be more blood, but!  That's ok.  It can't be all blood and all fun all the time.  But still good fight scenes.  Yes.  And a good kiss between Robin and Marion.  You'll know it when you see it, cause there's another kiss that's sorta gross.

Another thing I look forward to in a movie is great scenery in an epic looking film and an amazing score.... sigh. The scenery was really pretty, you know, rolling hills, pretty countryside, so that was ok.  The soundtrack, totally forgettable.  

Ok.  That is my two cents.  Feel free to rip me a new one if you disagree. 


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