Producers of 300 to Develop Epic JULIUS CEASAR Trilogy

Movie 300 by Joey Paur

Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are currently working on getting a new epic film project into development for Exclusive Media Group. They are looking to bring a new historical drama about the early life of Julius Caesar.

This producing team hasn't made a movie since Zack Snyder's 300 in 2007. They've been going around shopping ideas, but no one seems to be biting. However they are producing another historical epic called The Immortals for Universal. But, they are hoping this Caesar film project catches because it has franchise potential. The want to make a trilogy of Caesar films. 

The films will be based Conn Iggulden's Emperor series of novels The Gates of Rome, The Death of Kings, and The Field of Swords. William Broyles Jr. has been brought in the write the script. This guy has an imprressive resume that includes Apollo 13, Cast Away, Jarhead, and Flags of Our Fathers.

They hope to start shooting the first film of this potential trilogy within the next few months, even though there is no direct attached, and as far as we know no actor either. So they better start pulling this thing together fast if they want to get this film project into production. Hell, they're still trying to sell the film package!

I hope this film projects works out, there is huge potential for this epic historical film. I'd love to see what they can bring to the big screen.

Here is a description of the first novel the film will be based of off, The Gates of Rome:

On the lush Italian peninsula, a new empire is taking shape. At its heart is the city of Rome, a place of glory and decadence, beauty and bloodshed. Against this vivid backdrop, two boys are growing to manhood, dreaming of battles, fame, and glory in service of the mightiest empire the world has ever known. One is the son of a senator, a boy of privilege and ambition to whom much has been given and from whom much is expected. The other is a bastard child, a boy of strength and cunning, whose love for his adoptive family–and his adoptive brother–will be the most powerful force in his life.

As young Gaius and Marcus are trained in the art of combat–under the tutelage of one of Rome’s most fearsome gladiators–Rome itself is being rocked by the art of treachery and ambition, caught in a tug-of-war as two rival generals, Marius and Sulla, push the empire toward civil war. For Marcus, a bloody campaign in Greece will become a young soldier’s proving ground. For Gaius, the equally deadly infighting of the Roman Senate will be the battlefield where he hones his courage and skill. And for both, the love of an extraordinary slave girl will be an honor each will covet but only one will win.

The two friends are forced to walk different paths, and by the time they meet again everything will have changed. Both will have known love, loss, and violence. And the land where they were once innocent will be thrust into the grip of bitter conflict–a conflict that will set Roman against Roman...and put their friendship to the ultimate test. 

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