6 Awesomely Ridiculous Chinese Superhero Knockoffs

Humorby Joey Paur

Hey Gang! You're gonna get a kick out of these! When I was growing up all I ever wanted was were Spader-Man, Specialman, Star Knight, Silver Bat, Change Robot, and especially Robert Cop toys! But I guess I had to settle with Spider-Man, Superman, Darth Vader, Batman Transformers, and Robocop action figures. I guess we should just be thankful for what we got.

Who is the hell are these Superheros! Apparently you can find these toys below in most dollar store around America. I guess they make great birthday or holiday gifts for kids you really don't care about. Seriously will the kids even be able to tell the difference?

My question is, when will they started to turns these toys into movies? I'd like to see Robert Cop and Robocop battle it out. 

What does Spader-Man actually do!? What the hell is a Spader?   

We all know Superman is special so it's only appropriate to call him Specialman? I guess so.

 I Have have no idea what Star Knight is supposed to be! Darth Vader on a police motor cycle!? What!? Is he patrolling the galaxy?

Robocop's name is Robert and he's a cop so we gotta have Robert Cop! Thats what he would have wanted to feel human again. But wait a minute... Robocops name was James Murphy!

Silverbat must be the Lone Ranger as Batman, or Batman as the Lone Ranger?

  And if your ever going to make a knock off or Transformers it's gotta be called Change Robot, becuase that what they do... right? Change?

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