Romero to Remake Argento's DEEP RED And In 3D!

George A. Romero shows no sign of slowing down! He is out doing publicity for his newest zombie-fest, Survival of the Dead and now we learn (via /Film) that he will remake Dario Argento's classic horror tale Deep Red and give it the 3D treatment. Advanced negotiations are on the way and is being pre-sold in Cannes and will be produced by Dario's brother Claudio Argento

Dario will not be involved with this project even though he and Romero go way back to the Dawn of the Dead days where Argento help Romero finance Dawn and now it looks like Romero is "in a way" repaying the favor. The two have also worked on the cult horror film "Two Evil Eyes".

The original Deep Red featured Marcus, a music teacher, who witnesses a killing and is drawn into a web of danger as a result. The two filmmakers have a totally different style of directing with Argento leaning more toward a more stylish and shocking vision so this might be why Romero will be adding the 3D touch so he can hopefully match or get close to matching Argento's original classic.

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