Drew Barrymore to Direct WIZARD OF OZ Sequel?

It's no secret that Hollywood is out to make another Wizard of Oz film. There's been a few different re-imaginings floating around the movie business. As it stands right now Warner Bros. is the closest studio to getting an Oz film into production. The have Sam Mendes on board to direct the film called Oz The Great and Powerful, with Robert Downey Jr. possibly taking on the role of the Wizard. It's a prequel and you can read our full report on that Here.

Now there is another Wizard of Oz film project that has come out of the wood works. This new Oz film is called Surrender Dorothy, it will be a sequel to the classic story we all know and love. The project was originally announced back in 2002, Drew Barrymore was attached to star in it at the time, but now the project is being resurrected, and according to pajiba she is going to direct it. If this is true this will be the second film she's directed, her debut film being Whip It.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that this would be another Warner Bros. film project. Thats two Oz films being set up at the same studio. One is a prequel the other a sequel. It makes me wonder if these films will in a way connect with each other. 

Barrymmore's version focuses on the great, great granddaughter of Dorothy who has to learn how to use the power of those ruby red slippers to keep the Wicked Witch of the West from taking control of the kingdoms of Earth and Oz. I doubt that she will star in the film, but I'm sure she'll find someone to fill the role of Dorothy's granddaughter. 

Who knows what Warner Bros. plans are for these Oz films, one thing for sure is we will be seeing a couple of them get made here in the near future.

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