Gidget is Making a Film and TV Comeback

Movieby Joey Paur

Well, Americas favorite surfer girl... in the 1960's, Gidget is going to get a massive modern reboot. Pterodactyl Prods. and 300 producer Mark Canton are teaming to bring the sun and surf icon back to life... as a vampire. I'm just kidding! Gidget will not be a vampire, it seems like something that Hollywood do though, but they are definitely looking to cash in on the character that has laid dormant for over two decades. 

Gidget started out as a character in a 1957 novel, and the character spawned several TV series, movies and telepics. It also launched the careers of Sandra Dee and Sally Field. The last time we saw Gidget was in a 1987-88 TV reboot called The New Gidget which didn't do very well. 

Pterodactyl's Barney Cohen (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) signed a deal with licensor Gidget Worldwide to develop the property for the big screen and small screen. So it looks like were gonna get bombarded with a Gidget for the next generation. 

I can see this reboot being very successful among young girls. The same girls that watch all those Disney Channel girl shows like Hanna Montana. I think a reboot of the surfer girl Gidget will be big among this audience. So for those of you will little girls prepare to be watching the new Gidget with your kids.

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