Tim Burton to Direct MAI, THE PSYCHIC GIRL Film

Movie Tim Burton by Joey Paur

As if Tim Burton didn't have enough on his plate already, according to our friends at Latino Review Burton will end up directing a film based on the manga, Mai, the Psychic Girl. The film however will simply be called Mia.

Burton has actually been trying to develop this film project for years. At one point in the 1990's he was attached to direct the film, and it sat in development limbo over at Sony for the last 8 years. So now it looks like the project has been resurrected by Burton, and he's ready to finally get it made. He is looking at getting the film into production fast, but there is no word on if he will do it before he directs Maleficent for Disney. 

Here is the plot of the stoy:

Mai is a normal teenaged girl in every way but one- she has strong telekinetic powers. She has always viewed this unusual talent as a game, something to amuse herself with when she's bored... until she gets a high score on a test designed to find those with psychic abilities, bringing her to the attention of a shadowy organization who want to use her powers for their own gain. Suddenly, she must leave her normal life behind and go on the run, using her powers- which she still doesn't have complete control over- to stay one step ahead of her would-be captors.

It seems to have a X-Men type vibe to it, but a bit crazier, like most manga comics are. This seems like it should make for a great film! But does Burton has what it takes to adapt it properly? He seems to have a deep passion for the project to keep it in his mind all of these years. Maybe he's got a great vision for it. I guess will have to wait and see what it is he has planned.

What are your thoughts on Tim Burton directing Mai?

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