Great Short French Student Monster Film - AMOCK

This is a great short monster film called Amock that follows a couple guys who come across an evil book that releases monsters into our world. The film is shot with a handheld camera like Cloverfield, only I like what this short film more than Cloverfield. The film was made by French students Francois Vico, Martin Vaissie, Sarah Matuszak, and Xavier Goubin.

This is just really fun filmmaking, there's a lot of energy in the movie, and that has the ability to scare. Watch the short film below and let us know what you think!

Amock: the movie from Amock on Vimeo.


And incase you don't like the ending of the film here is an alternate ending to the film, which I like much better.

Amock: cut scene from Amock on Vimeo.


You can check out more behind the scenes footage over on the films official website