LOST: The Audition Tapes That Started the Phenomenon

TVVideos Lost by Joey Paur

There is one more big long episode of LOST before the show is over forever. This is it, the time has come. This has been such an amazing show and it's going to be sad to see it go. But, as you know, all good things must come to an end. I just thought it would be a good time to share with all of you the audition tapes for most of the main actors in the show. These audition tapes include Josh Holloway, Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan, and even Jorge Garcia auditioning for the part of Sawyer! This is good stuff, so enjoy!

Josh Holloway Auditioning For Sawyer

Matthew Fox Auditioning For Sawyer

Dominic Monaghan Auditioning For Sawyer

Jorge Garcia Auditioning For Sawyer Too!

Evangeline Lilly Auditioning For Kate with J.J. Abrams Giving Notes

Naveen Andrews Auditioning For Sayid

Daniel Dae Kim Auditioning For Jin Kwon

Yunjin Kim Kim Auditioning For Kate

Emile de Ravin Auditioning For Claire

Harold Perrineau Auditioning For Michael

Malcolm David Kelley Auditioning For Walt

Maggie Grace Auditioning For Shannon

Ian Somerhalder Auditioning For Boone


Michael Emerson Auditioning For Hurley


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