This Week in Comics, 05.19.2010

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern

Ahhh...back and refreshed for another NEW installment of This Week in Comics. I guess this would be considered the diet flavor, since I found only a few tidbits of relevant news this week. For those of you just joining our epic look at comic book news, this is news I, Alan Trehern, think is pertinent and worthwhile. And we deal only in comic books. Very rarely do I dabble in the written word, movies, text adventure computer games and wrestling.  If you decide to stick around, then welcome aboard.

For those of you who have been visiting my column for a while, I hope you liked last week's "throwback". Oh, and it's good to be back in the open and loving arms of the GeekTyrants. **sniff sniff** Someone needs to take a bath.

-- Our first news story concerns comic book's lazy and simpleton cousin, manga. You read it backwards and there is never any color. For some reason this stuff is REALLY popular with the kids, and you've heard my thoughts on "Fluffers the Magic Demon Warrior Rabbit: V19"(c), so I won't go too far into my personal opinion of it. But if you love manga, then DC has a department for you! And it's been shut down! **sad face** Now we can see some of that money go to kicking Marvel's ass at the movies and bring that Booster Gold movie to fruition! [DC Closes Doors On CMX Manga]

-- I mentioned that I would rarely mention movies, but this is bigger than all of that. WB has sued the lawyers representing the Siegel/Shuster. As it turns out, the "Superman" lawyer is all about the huge payout he'll get if the rights return to the Siegel/Shuster family in 2013. WHHHH-AAAT?? A lawyer after the dollars using little to no sense? Unbelievable. Well, take sides now, because this could be a game-changer. [Warner Brothers Sues "Superman" Lawyer]

-- Now I'm really confused. I thought the return of Adventure Comics would welcome in the Legion of Superheroes and Superboy. And in as little as 10 issues, the Legion have split away to their own series (which I fully supported) and now Superboy is getting his own series, written by Jeff Lemire. The more important quandary now is, how does Adventure Comics exist if both its lead characters vacate the series? Will it take on a form like Legends of the DC Universe? Or JLA: Classified, where we get multiple stories that may or may not affect current continuity? I don't know...but I should...and when I DO find out, the GeekTyrants will be the first ones to know. [Jeff Lemire takes on SUPERBOY ongoing series]

With all this talk of Superman, and considering his long and intricate history, I have a great question for this week. What is your favorite Superman story arc in his entire history in comic books? My personal favorite? The Death and Return of Superman!


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