Will Gemma Arterton be in TRANSFORMERS 3?

According to an inside source at TheWrap, she is the current front runner.  They say:

An individual close to the casting process says the actress has already had discussions with Bay about the coveted role.  Other possible replacements for Fox include models Bar Rafaeli, Miranda Kerr, and Brooklyn Decker.

I know that yesterday Venkman gave us a list of potential actresses up for the role.  Not surprisingly, everyone of them HOT!  And that is just confusing, LaBeouf is no Pitt or Clooney.  I am glad to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.  The Wrap also had this to say:

All of these beauties seem to be out of LaBeouf's league, but I guess having a car that turns into a giant robot helps with the ladies.

Point well made.  Plus, the hotter the lady in the leading female role in an action flick, the more butts will be in the seats at the theater. 

Well, with all that said, they are going to need to cast someone soon for this role.  If they are still hoping to release this film in 2011 like they planned to.  In my opinion, Miss Arterton isn't that bad of a choice.  She has been in a few action flicks and she definitely is the most seasoned actress on this new and improved list of potentials.  We will keep you posted as soon as any news breaks on this.  Until next time, let us know what you think.

McMurphy Out!

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