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Hey Gang! If you haven't heard already the DVD for DERRICK Comedy's first film Mystery Team is coming out on May 25th. I'm a big fan of DERRICK Comedy and this movie. I've probably watched it a few hundred times already, and every time I see it I can't help but laugh. It's just an incredibly funny film that's unlike any comedy you've seen before. 

We've got three great film clips from the movie to share with you. If you've seen the movie then you can relive the good times, if you haven't seen the movie yet then you're in for a real treat.

Oh! We are also running a great contest for the DVD release! Mystery Team is looking for a new member to add to their crew and it could be you! Check out the details for the contest and how to enter Right Here!

Now check out the film clips below and tell us what ya think!

Store Clip

Drug Dealer Clip


Mystery Team was created by the comedy group DERRICK Comedy, who have built a hugh audience by their awesomely funny short films. The story for the film was written by Donald Glover (Community), DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes, Dan Eckman, and Maggie McFadden. The movie also stars Glover, Pierson, Dierkes, and was directed by Eckman.

The story follows three naive kid detectives, The Mystery Team, who are about to graduate from high school, but they continue to bust children for pint-sized crimes despite everyone's insistence that they grow up. To prove to themselves and the town, at large, that they can be "real detectives", they take it upon themselves to solve a double homicide

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