MACGYVER Feature Film Gets a Screenwriter

What? You didn't think MacGuyver would get his own movie? Come on, you know Hollywood better than that! Every 80's TV show will be a movie one day, I'm looking forward to Different Strokes the movie. SNL's feature film parody of the character MacGruber hits theaters this weekend, and it looks like the real MacGyver will follow shortly. 

New Line Cinema is developing the MacGyver movie and they have brought in Jason Richman to write the script. Richman has had experience writing action scripts, films such as Black Hawk Down, Rush Hour 3, Bad Company and Beverly Hills Cop 4. So it looks like the studio plans on making MacGyver a straight-faced fun action film. 

I think MacGyver could make for a very fun movie if they tackle it the right way. But it is also a film that could end up being very bad if handled the wrong way. Maybe they will approach it the same way The A-Team movie was made?

MacGyver was a TV adventure series that ran from 1985-92 on ABC and starred Richard Dean Anderson as a resourceful secret agent who uses ingenious, science-inspired trickery to escape the danger that surrounds him.

What are your thoughts on MacGyver going to the big screen? 

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