Pitt is going to try to find THE LOST CITY OF Z

Now this sounds like something that could be really good.  Screen Daily reported that  Brad is set to play former decorated British soldier, turned spy, turned explorer Percy Fawcett.  I have to admit that I have not heard of Mr. Fawcett before this article.   Like Venkman, I am a history addict and Fawcett's story is so amazing. 

In the early twentiethcentury Percy Fawcett became obsessed with finding the lost city of El Dorado.  Convinced he could find it, he led many expeditions into the Amazon to try to quench his insatiable thirst to find the city.  Many times he tried and many times he failed, but he never gave up. 

The book The Lost City of Zis an account of Percy Fawcett's adventures into the Amazon, and author David Grann's search for the truth.  David Grann apparently traced the footsteps of Fawcett's last journey into the jungle to try to find what ultimately happened to the famed explorer.

i have not read the book yet, but trust me first thing tomorrow morning I will be finding myself a copy.  Just reading the synopsis of the book gave me the chills.  I can't wait to be thrust into that world.  As soon as I am done with it I will give you a full book report.

 The word on the street is that Brad Pitt is set to play Percy Fawcett.  Now, this is one of those "dangerous territory situations".  The background story sounds amazing, the challenge is to do the story justice when you bring it to the big screen.  I certainly hope it works out. 

As an added little bonus, while doing some searching into the story I found this cool little Q&A session with David Grann on Amazon.com.  Click here and go to the bottom of the page and enjoy. 

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