Want to be a Part of the COMIC-CON Documentary Being made by Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon? Heres How...

This week we reported that Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon were going to put together a Comic-Con Documentary called Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope. The doc will center around a group of the convention's geekiest fanboys and fangirls as they attend the convention of geek madness. 

The film will begin shooting in June and culminate its principal photography at this year’s Comic-Con in July. Morgan Spurlock will direct the film and Thomas Tull will produce alongside Spurlock’s Warrior Poets producing partner, Jeremy ChilnickStan LeeJoss Whedonand Harry Knowles will executive produce. The film will capture not only a moment in time that literally touches hundreds of thousands of people, but a world that inspires us all – but more than anything else, it will show us that whether at home or away, in costume or not, en masse or alone, we should all have the courage and confidence to be ourselves.

The cool thing is you can actually be a part of this movie! You can be one of those geeks that will star in this documentary. If you are one hardcore geek that loves Comic-Con, and is an expert on all things geek, like movies, video games, comic books, and full of useless but awesome information, then you have a chance to be in this doc.

Here's the information you need to know to enter, which comes from Comic Book Resources.

They are looking to cast original, eccentric, funny, touching, and mildly obsessive people that will capture the excitement, enthusiasm, joy, and passion of comic book, anime, sci-fi, and fantasy lovers everywhere.

If Comic-Con International will be the highlight of your year and you have a story to share about your passion, let them know. Join the fellowship, take part in this epic documentary, and write them at ComicConDoc@gmail.com. Include your name, phone number, a picture, and tell us your story.

So there ya have it! Hit 'em up at ComicConDoc@gmail.com and tell them why you think you should be in this documentary!

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