What Did You Think About the LOST Series Finale!?

RantTV Lost by Joey Paur

Hey Gang! One of the greatest shows of our generation has ended. If you've watched the series finale of LOST we want to know what you thought! At the moment I am writing this LOST is about to conclude on the East Coast, and it's about to start for me on the West Coast and I'm so freakin' excited. My friends who are currently watching the show are telling me it's perfect so far.

I know a lot of our readers absolutely love this show... just as much as we do, and we all want to know your feeling about how the show ended! Where you satisfied with the final moments!? Was it everything you were hoping for? Did you hate it? Why!? 

If you've watched the finale episode then please feel free to share your thoughts in the Rant Back section below. Let it fly, spoilers and all! So if you haven't seen the last episode then I suggest you don't read anything in the comment section so you don't spoil it for yourself. I'll throw my thoughts in as soon as I'm done watching it.

Ready... Set... Go!

UPDATE - My Thoughts on the Ending__________________

I just got finished watching LOST and I thought it was a beautiful episode. It was extremely well made and well written. Sure, all of our questions may have not been answered, but you can't deny that it was an incredible episode and a fantastic ending to a great TV series.


As for the final moments... I don't believe they were dead the whole time, at least not on the island, what was happening on the island really happened. But everyone on the island eventually had to die in life and when they did they all found each other again in the alternate universe that was created. They didn't all die at once either, but once they did, it was time to have a reunion. I think the show did a good job explaining all of that in the ending, but I've been been seeing and reading a lot of people talking about it, and it seems like many people may not have gotten it. Hell, who knows... maybe I'm wrong! I'm open to hear other peoples theories of what it all meant.

All I know for sure is that I loved the final episode and I'm not disappointed with it.


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