HALO REACH Release Date Confirmed!

GameTyrantby Joey Paur


Ah, hell yeah! I don't know about you but I've been having a great time kicking some ass while playing the Halo Reach beta that is currently up and running. Or maybe I'm the one getting my ass kicked? I guess it all depends on who your asking, but if you're asking me then yes... I'm getting my ass kicked. No, wait.... nevermind.

Seriously though, I've been having a blast playing the Halo Reach beta and I'm 100% sold on actually going out and buying the game. So the big question is when will we be able to buy it? September 14th 2010 is the street date, so mark your calendars and prepare for battle!

For those of you who have Halo ODST come on and join the Beta already and lets fight! There's no need to wait until September to get some Halo Reach action. I'm really impressed with what they are doing with Reach, but to be honest some of these changes should have happened sooner.

Are you playing the Halo Reach beta, and will you end up buying the game?

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