Remastered Reprint of Noriyoshi Ohrai’s THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Poster

To keep the celebration going with the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back we have a treat for you!

Lucasfilm will be re-releasing all kinds of merchandise this year to celebrate this 30th anniversary including new and never before seen goodies! According to /Film StarWarsShop has discovered an original 8x10 high-resolution transparency of one of Japanese artist Noriyoshi Ohrai's original works from The Empire Strikes Back within the Lucasfilm archives, funny how that works huh. They felt the 30th anniversary is a great time to bring back this classic art piece! You can purchase this 27x40 poster for only $19.99 at StarWarsShop. The printing is limited to only 500 pieces so hurry up!

From StarWarsShop:

StarWarsShop has resurrected Ohrai’s masterpiece illustration in a rich, colorful one-sheet size poster limited to just 500 pieces, a number which is sure to drive desirability once the edition has sold out. Even collectors who own an original release poster exhibiting Ohrai’s Empire artwork will want to pick this one up, as it captures the color and clarity of the artist’s original artwork better than any poster we’ve seen — even the 1980 originals!

The large, high-res source transparency has allowed them t print this one-sheet size poster with color and clarity true to the original, with quality superior to the U.S. posters printed back in 1980. StarWarsShop has opted to reproduce this rare U.S. version of the artwork complete with English title, a first for this “snow” version of Ohrai’s Empire artwork (incidentally, we’ve also added Ohrai’s painted signature back into the illustration, which had been dropped from the U.S. originals).

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