Martin Scorese wants Al Pacino & Robert De Niro to play Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin in Biopic


Martin Scorsese has been talking about making a Frank Sinatra biopic for awhile now. It's a project he still has yet to start developing. Just recently he spoke with national newspaper The Hindu while promoting Shutter Island in India, and used it as another opportunity to talk about his biopic.

It has been previously revealed by Scorsese that making a film based on Sintara's life is no easy task. Sinatra led an epic life. And making a biopic like most of the other biopics that have been made just won't work for this icon. He explained,

it only deals with certain times in his life. We can’t go through the greatest hits of Sinatra’s life. We tried this already. Just can’t do it. So the other way to go is to have three or four different Sinatras. Younger. Older. Middle-aged. Very old. You cut back and forth in time – and you do it through the music.

Sounds like a plan! Since we first heard that Scorsese would direct the film a few actors names have been brought up to possibly play Sinatra, names like Johnny DeppGeorge ClooneyLeonardo DiCaprioTobey Maguire and Brad Pitt have been brought up as actors who Scorsese would love to work with at some point and they all have Sinatra like qualities. None of them have officially been offered any role yet. Socrsese definitely has a wish list, but who's at the top of it?

How about Al Pachino and Robert De Niro?! Here are Scorsese's exact words,

I'm yet to spot the actor who can bring back Frank Sinatra alive on screen. My choice is Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin.

How freakin' amazing would it be to see these two icon actors play Sinatra and Martin, while being directed be Scorsese!? Finally, we would get to see these two guys star in a film together thats worth watching. I know they were both in Godfather II, but they were never on screen together, and that Righteous Kill film they stared in together was a joke. 

Scorsese is going to start working on his 3D film Hugo Cabre next month in Paris. That film stars Chloe Moretz, Asa ButterfieldSacha Baron Cohen and Ben Kingsley. But really hope this Sinatra biopic will be the next film he does after that. I want this movie to happen sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on Al Pacino playing Frank Sinatra and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin?

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