Live-Action DILBERT Film Gets a New Director

Movieby Joey Paur

The classic comic strip Dilbert is going to be brought to life on the big screen. I personally never got into Dilbert, but the comic definitely has a lot of fans. It was announced in 2007 that director Chris Columbus (First 2 Harry Potter films) was going to develop the film. But somewhere between then and now something changed because he's not involved with the movie anymore.

The rights to the comic now belong to Phoenix Entertainment. This is the same production company behind films such as Shutter Island and Zodiac, which are two amazing films. They are also behind the Robocop reboot film. So there is a pretty solid production company with a good track record bringing Dilbert to life. Fans should be happy about that.

The production company has brought in a new director for the film as well, that director is Ken Kwapis, who is a very appropriate choice for this film. He has directed several episodes of The Office, and films such as She’s Just Not That Into YouThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and License to Wed. Yeah, the films he's made are pretty awful, but Dilbert definitely has a more Office type vibe to it, which is why he may be the right choice. His next film will be Everyone Loves Whaleswith John Krasinski and Drew Barrymore.

There's been no casting announcements for Dilbert yet but I can see someone like Rainn Wilson taking on the role.

So what do you all think about a live-action Dilbert movie?

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