24 Movie "Definitely Will Not Be A Prequel"

Movie24by Ben Pearson

In the aftermath of LOST's finale on Sunday, I think many people overlooked the two hour series finale of 24 that aired on Monday night. It's a shame: the episode was a great bookend to one of the most dynamic and innovative network shows of the decade, and - without giving away spoilers - gave Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer an ending that both respected the history of the character and honored his devotion to the truth.

There has been talk of a 24 movie before, most recently with writer Billy Ray (who wrote and directed Breach and Shattered Glass) attached to take a pass at the script. Now, after the series has come to an end, Entertainment Weekly interviewed executive producer Howard Gordon, who confirms that the film is still in development.

The movie has to defer to the end of the TV show, not the other way around. It definitely will not be a prequel.

When I first heard the news of a 24 film, I wasn't sold on the idea. But now that the series has come to a close, I would definitely be interested in seeing Jack Bauer on the big screen. I also thought the only way they could do a film version would be a prequel, or one of the "in between days" not covered in the TV show. With this quote from Gordon, we now know that's not the case - so what kind of world crisis would be necessary to bring in Jack Bauer? Hopefully we'll get the chance to find out.

What did you think of the series finale of 24? Are you interested in seeing Jack on the big screen?

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