First Look: Jill Valentine In RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE

First of all this may or may not be the character Jill Valentine from Resident Evil: Afterlife but I'm leaning towards the may. The image isn't a good one at all and comes courtesy of ShockTillYouDrop reader DJ Black who had this to say;

"[The image is] from a conference thing that Anderson did (he's in the chair on the stage) showing new footage (I believe in Japan). The woman on the screen is Sienna [Guillory] as JILL (as the "Birdlady"...notice the scarab control device on her chest!!)."

There have already been rumors that Sienna Guillory(R.E. Apocalypse) has been seen on set so this image does kind of solidify this, don't you think? I personally think Anderson (returning as director) has stepped it up a notch for this movie, the 3D is the same that was used in Avatar and he had already taken a step back to just produce the franchise so if he's back in the director's chair this one might end up being something special in the undead series.

Lots of teasing should be firing up soon for Resident Evil: Afterlife! Are you ready for the next Resident Evil?

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