Warner Bros. Close to Green Lighting THE FLASH and other DC Character Films

Hey gang! While announcing when Sherlock Holmes 2 would be released, which will be mid-December 2011, Warner Bros briefly touched on the future of their DC Universe properties.

Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer, expressed that the DC Comic characters are "a key part of Warner's future", and I should hope so! They've a ton of great stuff to work with! As of right now we've got the Green Lantern coming out on June 17th 2011, Batman 3 coming out on July 20th 2012, and Superman being released sometime during the holidays in 2012.

He then went on to get all of our hopes up saying that they are nearing a greenlight for The Flash movie, and other films that will feature Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even Mad magazine characters! All of these are currently in development! It's just a matter of putting them into actual production.

We can only hope that James Cameron jumps on board to direct Aquaman because that would be great! For those of you who don't know, James Cameron actually did direct Aquaman in the HBO series Entourage.

Feel free to share you're thoughts. What DC superhero would you like to see most come to the big screen? 

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