Another TERMINATOR Film is one Step Closer to Getting Made

Movie The Terminator by Joey Paur

The rights to the Terminator franchise are currently in the a Santa Barbara based hedge fund called Pacificor LLC. They won an auction for the franchise back in February, and now they are looking to do something with it. The company has no experience at all in film production, so they have brought in a big Hollywood agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, to handle selling the rights of the classic sci-fi franchise to a studio, agent, producer or financier. Apparently since the hedge fund got the rights they have been contacted by several outlets with offers.

Pacificor got the rights to the Terminator franchise for $29.5 million dollars, along with a provision for payment to former owners Halcyon of $5 million per film for any sequel.

This is the next step in getting a new Terminator film up on the Big Screen. There's not a doubt in my mind that it will happen. It all comes down to who will put the film into development. I just hope it ends up in good hands. Please don't let McG near that franchise again! Why don't we just pretend Terminator Salvation never happened. 

Who would you like to see develop the project?

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