Christopher Titus Reteams With Fox, Finally!

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Does anyone remember the dark comedy 'Titus' on Fox way back? The show was based on comedian Christopher Titus' life and also starred Stacy Keach as his wild dad. The show had a run from 2000-2002 and had a huge cult following, that doesn't mean a lot to the ratings people though, well except for Family Guy's resurrection. Anyway the good news here is Christopher Titus has pitched a show to Fox and is prepping it as we speak oh and guess what? It's loosely based on his life!

According to Deadline Titus' new comedy tells the story of a comedian who has gone through a marriage and a  divorce eight years after his run on Fox, and Fox is digging the story! Christopher Titus once again will star as himself with a new girlfriend and her "normal" family, oh and his dealings with his ex-wife's mischief.

Titus is writing the script along with sitcom vet Michael Gluberman (Malcom in the Middle) and both are also executive producing the show along with Warren Littlefield who had a key role in getting this project of the ground.

I loved Titus back when it was on and I personally can't wait for this one! His comedy act surrounds and involves his life and the people in it which hilarious. I've seen his stand-up and if you get a chance check his act out and be sure to tune in when the show starts on Fox!

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