Geek Art: Optimus Prime and Christopher Walken Drawn Only Using Bic Pens

Wow! This is pretty incredible! Who would have thought you could create something like this from a cheap Bic pen!? These two art pieces of Optimus Prime and Christopher Walken were created by Jesse Starr, and he used nothing but black, red, and blue Bic pens. He has prints of his Optimus Prime creation up for auction on e-bay and here's his description:

This auction is for an original ball-point pen drawn portrait of Optimus Prime. It was skillfully created with the use of black, blue and red Bic Ball Point Pens only. It is impossible to appreciate the stunning mastery of the drawing through a photograph, but it is guaranteed as a piece to be cherished by collectors of all degrees.

Actual art is 12"x16.5" on white Vellum artist paper (not including frame)

Beautifully displayed in a modern custom frame (included)

Took approximately 50 hours to create

50 hours!? I could think of a lot of things to do to take up 50 hours of my time, like watch movies, blog, watch TV, and video games, and blog. Yes, I said blog twice.

Check out the amazing Bic pen artwork below and make sure to head on over to Jesse's official website to see more of his stuff! Click images to enlarge.