J.J. Abrams' ALIAS Getting A TV Reboot?


File this one under "unnecessary": according to E! Online, ABC is considering a reboot of their now-cancelled but once-popular show "Alias."

Rumor has it the reboot is being considered because another Abrams show, "Undercovers," has been picked up by competitor NBC. "Undercovers" is a show that also centers around spies, and shares a few of the same plot elements with "Alias."

"Alias" ran from 2001-2006 and launched Jennifer Garner's career. The show was spectacular until the final season, where mythology-heavy plot devices involving prophecies from the fictional Milo Rambaldi brought the show to a creative low point and personally, I stopped watching it. If ABC does go through with the reboot, there's word that the Rambaldi subplot and most (if not all) of the mythological subplots will be removed.

Let me just say right now that this is a bad idea. This is worse than rebooting the Hulk five years after the first film; "Alias" is an iconic show that a lot of people (myself included) still hold in high regard. I know I just said that the prophecy aspects were what caused me to stop watching the show, but I think those were a huge part of what made the show interesting. If you removed those completely, it would be another procedural show just like any other on TV. If they choose to go through with this project - which, again, I hope they don't - they should keep the mythology stuff but just not delve as deeply into it as they did the first time around.

Jennifer Garner wasn't the only actor whose career benefited from "Alias": the show had a great cast that featured Victor Garber, Michael Vartan, Ron Rifkin, Abrams favorite Greg Grunberg, and a fresh-faced Bradley Cooper (now a huge star after the wild success of The Hangover). I can't imagine this show being rebooted - it'd be like trying to reboot "24" without Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer and Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O'Brian.

If you missed out on this show the first time around, I'd highly suggest watching the first four seasons on DVD.

What do you think about an "Alias" reboot? Should they do it now, wait a few more years, or abandon the idea altogether?

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