DEADLY FRIEND Is Next In Line For The Redux Treatment And In 3D

Well there is no end to Hollweird is there! The word now is Warner Brothers are going to remake Wes Craven's Deadly Friend which originally starred the pre-Buffy Kristy Swanson. Hey I own this movie and it doesn't need a redux evil empire! To top this off Deadly Friend redux will be in 3D and it's neing put on the fast-track so they are really wanting this one made ASAP!  I see no point in this either, it's not like this movie was so over the top to begin with and adding the 3D treatment to it, good grief WB!

Oh well, we are probably going to get this and many others whether we want them or not! So um what do ya'll think about this next on the redux pot?












Source: Moviehole

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