Incredible Vintage 1979 ALIEN Movie Theater Display

ArtPhotosMovie Alien by Joey Paur

We just don't see awesome stuff like this anymore! There are a few theaters in the L.A. area that display some fun movie memorabilia, but nothing like this theater display for Ridley Scott's Alien that was set up at the Egyptian Theater in 1979 on opening day.

The whole theater was decked out! Stoker Award-winning horror writer Lisa Morton was there, and she recently stumbled across some pictures which she shares and gives a little description of the event. Check it out! This is just so awesome!

Out on the sidewalk in front of the theater, you first walked through a row of alien eggs (I don't know why I don't seem to have a photo of those). Then, to reach the fore-court of the theater, you walked through a length of actual corridor from the film's spaceship "Nostromo", exiting through "Mother"'s chamber:

And now came the biggest astonishment: As you left the Nostromo and entered the fore-court of the theater, there, to your left, was this:

Yep, that's the real thing - the original, full-size set piece of the alien "space jockey", as sculpted by H. R. Giger. It wasn't even roped off or guarded - note my friend at the right of that photo, touching the damn thing - and obviously photography was not prohibited.

Once you'd managed to scrape your jaw off the sidewalk, stop staring in awe, and could move your feet, you entered the lobby, where there was a magnificent display of full-size props and art department models. Here, for example, is a vehicle that can just be glimpsed in the background of a few shots in the film:

Now for the tragic ending: The "Space Jockey" was gone by Tuesday. One story I heard was that it fell victim to an arsonist in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I'd like to think that wasn't true, but that glorious sculpture has never been seen again, so sadly I believe that story may be factual.

Well that sucks! I hope to hell no one set that thing on fire! It should be in a museum! Or in my house. It's time to watch Alien again.

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