Jon Favreau thinks Joss Whedon is a Great Choice to Direct THE AVENGERS

There is a lot of excitement of the strong possibility of Joss Whedon directing The Avengers for Marvel. We’ve heard it’s a done deal, but we have yet to see an official announcement from the studio or Whedon himself.

There are still a few Whedon doubters out there that don’t think he has what it takes to assemble The Avengers. I think he does, and apparently so does Jon Favreau. He hit every nail on the head as to why Whedon is the right director for this film. He tells MTV news,

If it ends up being Joss Whedon, I think it's a great choice. Because he's got a great sense of humor [and] he has a deep knowledge of the whole universe which I think 'The Avengers' would require because you're weaving a lot of different mythologies and storylines together.

[Whedon] has a really fun sense of action. I think if you look at 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' and 'Buffy' and his background in small movies, I think that he could up the ante on his action quotient. I think that will come with the bigger budget and good people around him and working with Marvel, as it did with me.

I think that [he has an] ear for dialog and he has a good fun story sense of how to reveal and unfold a story [that] I think is great. I think it will attract a great cast. If it works out with him, it would be wonderful.

I agree with every point that Favreau makes about Whedon taking on The Avengers. He’s seriously a talented guy, and The Avengers will give him the opportunity to show the fans what kind of talent he’s really got. With the tools and budget that Marvel will provide him to develop The Avengers, I think he'll do great things.

What do you think about what Fav’s had to say about Whedon? Do you agree or disagree?

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